Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC)

A leading research centre where scientists can interact, exchange information and explore new ideas in partnership with industry to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our resources industries, our environment and our way of life.

Located in Western Australia's Technology Park, ARRC is a major initiative of the Western Australian State Government, CSIRO and Curtin University, developed in conjunction and consultation with the petroleum and mining industries. Its location is highly appropriate, given that Western Australia produces two-thirds of Australia's non-fuel minerals and about half of its petroleum.

ARRC was established to:
- enhance petroleum and mining exploration and extraction research and development in Western Australia
- partner and work with industry
- respond to changing industry requirements
- enable significant activities to be carried out with Cooperative Research Centres
- recruit research staff.

Since ARRC's inception in 2001, it has grown its capabilities and capacity, and is quickly becoming one of the world's leading centres of petroleum and minerals research.